Captain Rick is more than a brand, and more than a personality captured on the award-winning TV show Deadliest Catch – for me it’s much bigger! 

As a fifth-generation Alaskan fisherman, I am no stranger to Dutch Harbor and the challenges the Bering Sea can deliver; my ancestors have been a part of this fabric for over 100 years.  Just as a light house serves as a navigational aid, the generational stories passed down of the battles between man verses nature have become a beacon of wisdom not every captain has access to, but I still had to earn my stripes. The Bering Sea is relentless and at times - it can make you feel like a blind man dancing on the edge of your grave. With plenty of mistakes made, and plenty of lessons learned, you grow, understanding these challenges will never stop
but this process is forging a better man.

Thank you for taking the time to stop in and letting me share a little bit of my world - It means more than you know! 

I hope you stay with me and let’s journey into the deep –who knows what we’ll find… 

Until then - 

 All Gas - No Brakes,

Captain Rick